“like a managerie à trois, the dancers exemplifying and embodying their own kind of wildlife park."   -Victoria Looseleaf, Fjord Review

Performed on, and around, an inflatable plastic living room set, Inflatable Trio questions the ways we attempt to orient ourselves within ever-changing domestic, social and environmental landscapes. As the elements of a family room are repeatedly deflated, dismantled and re-organized, three dancers poignantly persist, react and cope. Each in turn upends—and is upended by—the objects, people and situations that surround them.  

Inflatable Trio emerges as a kind of domestic drama, expanded beyond its walls, where the current state of our capacities to navigate one another resonates with our shifting global and environmental challenges. Increasingly we communicate without our bodies present (war without our bodies present)—has this heightened the impact of the physical exchange? What does domestic interaction mean in this context? Is home a retreat, a seductive space where we still touch and confront one another? Are we equally equipped for the encounter? 

Inflatable Trio features an original score by Tom Lopez, costumes by Maria Garcia, video design by Cari Ann Shim Sham and lighting by Chris Kuhl. A version of the dance, titled Inflatable Park, premiered in Tongva Park in downtown Santa Monica, CA in 2016. Inflatable Trio premiered at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles, CA in February 2017. The work is intentionally adaptable – from large proscenium theaters to intimate black box spaces, gallery settings, and public parks – the piece (like the furniture) expands and contracts to each space. 

Choreography: Lionel Popkin
Original Score: Tom Lopez
Performed by: Carolyn Hall, Lionel Popkin, Samantha Mohr, with Tom Lopez
Lighting Design: Chris Kuhl                                                                                                                       Video Design: Cari Ann Shim Sham*
Costumes: Maria Garcia


February 2017 - Premier at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles, CA

Rehearsal Intensives, Los Angeles
Finishing Residency, Oberlin College

Rehearsal Intensives, Los Angeles
Technical residency, UCLA

Rehearsal Intensives, Los Angeles
Hothouse Residency, UCLA

Residency at Djerassi Artist Colony



Special Thanks for support via Hatchfund to: Lee AuCoin, Sue and Les AuCoin, Eric Berger, Mary Buckley, Colleen Carrion, Anne Duncan, Dan Froot, Sandra Guerrant, Natasha Guest, Antonio Kingscote, Annioe Lohr, Victoria Marks, Nusha Martynuk, Carter McAdams, Jeff Sung, Jay Sung, William and Prema Popkin, Sumant and Renu Rawat, Justin Schein, Seth Schein, Sam Schneider, Carol and Keith Smart, Deborah Vogel and Eden Wurmfeld.

Stills by Isaac Obaka, Cari Ann Shim Sham and Jorge Vismara